Flaunt Your Body Piercing Art and Jewelry with Style

Flaunt Your Body Piercing Art and Jewelry with Style

Piercing your body is a rare type of body art that contains piercing a hole via your skin and getting adorned with a nice piece of jewelry. The art of piercing is practiced all through the world and it is practiced on people of both darker and fairer sex.Kidstoo get their body pierced for an improved look. Today, the most conservative kind of piercing comprises ear piercing. In this, a hole is punctured in the earlobe and people of both the genders go for it. The act of piercing the ear does vary from person to person. There are some who prefer only one piercing whilst others prefer piercing both.

There are some who like a single hole while others opt for multiple holes and nowadays, even youth prefer ear piercing. Besides the ears, people practice the art of body piercing and that includes nose, lips, eyebrow, nipple, navel, tongue, nose septum, nasal bridge, female genitalia, male genitalia etc. Piercing is viewed as a sign of novelty among the teenagers and more piercing resembles a person’s royal status. Piercing your body is not just fun, it needs some sincere precautions as ignoring the precautions can result in serious complications.

Does piercing hurt a person?

This is a very common question, “Will piercing hurt me?” Well, the answer to it is “not much”. The pain is similar to a popping or pinching sensation and again, the sensation is relative. There are some people who feel the pain more than others. After the initial pain i.e.at the time when the needle passes through the piercing, a person might feel some kind of aching sensation or a dull pain for some hours but it can be calmed with the help of a pain reliever. Tongue piercing hurts a little more compared to other kinds of piercing and here, the tongue remains swelled and sensitive for some days.

Popsicles and ice chips soothe the discomfort of the piercing. Like the pain, the healing time too is dependent on the part you have pierced. If you have pierced your earlobes then you can hope to have it healed in a couple of months and during this time, you get prepared to wear a piece of jewelry. But other piercing does take a longer time to heal. Your belly button is that area which heals slowly as it is that place where your body takes twists and turns. Again, this part does lack the air circulation as it remains covered nearly all the time.

Look before you leap

Body piercing plus wearing body jewelry ought to be a knowledgeable choice, instead of a snap decision. When you are thinking of getting your body pierced, have a talk with people who have gone through this process before. It is important to ask them whether they are pleased with the outcomes. The piercing of your body means a commitment to a proper care and it is a form of body modification which will influence other people’s look on you. Nonetheless, the reactions you will get will be varied. There are some people who will love you while some won’t, so it is better to think of the consequences before plunging into this job.

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