Move Over Men – Women Wear Polo Shirts Too!

Move Over Men – Women Wear Polo Shirts Too!

Despite the fact that the polo shirt begins from its namesake, the session of polo, and was made as a cool and agreeable alternative for players of that game and different games when all is said in done; it is presently to some degree a form proclamation. Having moved on from the polo fields, tennis courts and greens, polo shirts remain a to a great degree famous kind of attire, conquering any hindrance amongst formal and easygoing with a keen, clean look that can be spruced up or down. These shirts are top choices of the two men and ladies, making an alluring look regardless of who wears them.

Female Styles

Such a large number of ladies likewise wear polo shirts that there are numerous particular styles, cuts and hues only for them. Standard, straight articles of clothing are as yet worn by some; be that as it may, to get a genuine fitted look and feel, numerous women search out the styles intended to supplement a lady’s bends. Thusly, that perfect, complimenting appearance can be held with no looseness or additional texture to tuck in. Many brands additionally fuse more female looking French cut or topped sleeves and a higher spandex content, taking into consideration a more legitimate fit.

Diverse Options

For the polo-wearing lady, this article of clothing can be worn in pretty much any setting as long as the fit is correct. With pants, either tucked and with a belt or left out, makes a more agreeable and loose look without seeming messy. Worn with khakis or slacks can make this a greater amount of an office easygoing look; with skirts significantly more so without appearing to be excessively unbending and formal. A fitted shirt can even look great worn with some yoga jeans or running jeans and shoes, advantageously empowering women to at present watch extraordinary while working out. This best additionally looks extraordinary matched with easygoing or dress shorts and pads or shoes. Normally, sprucing up with a jacket or coat, regardless of whether worn with jeans or skirt, is likewise conceivable; an elegant neckband and match of hoops with some unobtrusive make-up is all that is expected to take that shirt into a more easygoing meeting or excursion with companions.


One of the considerable things to note about polo shirts and has helped them turn out to be so well known with ladies is the wide exhibit of hues in which they can be found. Men may have a ton of shading choices, yet women can look over a whole palette of hues, shades and tints, practically ensuring that there is the correct shirt out there regardless of what shading is required. The hues alone tend to separate women’s shirts from all the rest; yet still conspicuous as the commonplace, agreeable pieces of clothing that they are. Polos in the hues ladies wear go up against a look and style the greater part of its own also.

The polo shirt has made some amazing progress throughout the years, particularly so in lady’s attire. While numerous women wear similar games and work attire as men with a similar top notch polo shirt, these pieces of clothing go a long ways past work. In some groups of friends it is even to some degree a grown-up toy for ladies to wear a sharp-looking, strong polo with a splendid or printed skirt or dress slacks. Regardless, there is no absence of ladies who appreciate this piece of clothing and have given the polo shirt a much needed refresher in making it their own!

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